Original message posted on the Marsan Exchange News Telegram channel

Hello everyone!

Jay from shockrouge here.

A copy of this message is available on shockrouge.com.

I have to announce that effective June 28th, technofou shockrouge is no longer working with Marsan Exchange. You are not getting this message from me in the community since I have been blocked from the channel pre-emptively. This act just strengthened our decision to take action and, unfortunately, revise the tone in this statement.

Since the beginning, we have been clear that we are not a part of Marsan Exchange and vowed as a third-party agency to be transparent and direct with all of you, something this company deeply needed to do. We have been very unselfish in this relationship, putting the needs of our client and all of you first as much as we could by offering more than contractually obligated. From the video to a complete brand identity guideline, these initiatives were started by us outside of our initial scope of work. Unfortunately, the Marsan team took advantage of our goodwill, and it reached a point in our exchanges where we had to end this relationship. We do not want to start a public debate about these issues and hope to move on peacefully for both parties' sake. We are not seeking any damages and even offered a discount nonetheless.

We respected our mandate fully and are trying to end this civilly and quietly with Antoine Marsan. With all the current investigations around him and his operations, we highly recommend keeping his legal team and resources on the real issues and follow the advice we put in his company tone and brand direction; to go forward and learn from the mistakes.

We still firmly believe in the passion for crypto from the Marsan Exchange team. We hope this passion-fueled ambition will not blind the team in its decision-making to further erode the fragile path the company is marching on.

As promised, we vowed to be transparent with all of you. We will keep you updated on this situation if it is resolved.

We started this journey with all of you by reopening the community, stopping unnecessary censorship and rebuilding the Marsan brand to be trustworthy. We hope these values will stay even though we exit. We do not want to damage the brand we've been working so hard to rebuild; we hope the Marsan Exchange team sees it the same way for all of you.

We're hopeful about resolving this, and the direction of this resolution is in Marsan's hands!